In 1891 there were 4,405 Kenyon families living in Lancashire.

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Charles M Kenyon.

The Family View shows the. Check the "Results" page for more information. Volney Kenyon 1819 - 1899.

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The most Kenyon families were found in United Kingdom in 1891. . .

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Sharon Kenyon added source England & Wales, Death Index, 1837-2005 to family tree Kenyon Family Tree 1 July 26, 2022 Sharon Kenyon updated the details of <Private> smith , Nora Corkhill , Thomas alfred Borrows , <Private> kenyon and 9 other people in family tree Kenyon Family Tree 1. .

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Nancy "Nannie" T.

Ruth E Kenyon 1908 - 1967.

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Kenyon Genealogy is an initiative to draw together people researching Kenyon family history. Family tree. Maternal relationship is confirmed by an autosomal Family Tree DNA test match between Marilyn Kenyon and John Carstensen, her uncle. May 25, 1996 · Alvin Randall Kenyon. Find the names and birth dates of Kenyon family members,. Early Origins of the Kenyon family.


Bertha Mae Roberts 1879 - 1962. Bertha Mae Roberts 1879 - 1962.

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Ruth Tefft Kenyon is a confirmed Mayflower descendant through her mother, Esther Brownell Tefft, daughter of Esther Taber Brownell, daughter of Mary Cooke Taber.


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